SEM, FIB and TEM hydrocarbon contamination cleaning solutions

Chiaro High Vacuum Mobile Plasma Asher

To meet the demands of viewing TEM holders using gas and liquid samples, we like to introduce the Chiaro to perform functions of leak check, E-Chips, hydrophilize sample surfaces and plasma clean.

GV10x DS Asher

The GV10x Downstream Asher’s ability to remove carbon contamination is a quantum leap beyond the traditional methods of mitigating contamination using cold trapping, nitrogen purging, and other plasma cleaners. The GV10x, with its extended power and pressure range (5 to 100 Watts and 2 to <0.005 Torr), represents a paradigm shift in the carbon decontamination of SEMs and other vacuum systems. Atomic oxygen and hydrogen eliminates contamination by converting the surface carbon into gas phase molecules which are then pumped out of chambers.

ibss Group, Inc. offers two different controllers to power and operate GV10x plasma sources. The choice between BT Controller and 2U Controller is a laboratory user preference. The ibss GUI software is compatible with both controllers.

Mobile Cubic Downstream Asher (MCA)

The MCA, a portable downstream plasma center for ex-situ specimen cleaning and in-situ e-beam chamber cleaning, employs ibss signature GV10x fitted into one convenient, wheeled S/S enclosure.

The MCA offers effective and reliable atomic radical ashing without sputtering or heat. The Asher is controlled by the latest ibss software installed on a Windows tablet or PC. For ex-situ sample cleaning and storage, the MCA includes a streamlined Cubic Chamber flexible enough to accommodate up to three TEM holders simultaneously. The MCA source is fitted with Qwk-SwitchTM Source mounting to facilitate Source transfer from the MCA to e-beam chambers.

GV10x DS Asher w/ ConFlat

Through an innovative plasma source design, the GV10xCF (ConFlat) Downstream Asher reduces hydrocarbon contamination 10 to 20 times more effectively on synchrotron optics and >10 times faster than traditional methods and plasma cleaners.