Mobile Cubic Asher (MCA)

A mobile plasma center that cleans, stores and processes SEM/TEM samples/holders and other sundry items in a small chamber. The Qwk-Switch™ Source facilitates shifting hydrocarbon mitigation to other SEM or FIB sites for in-situ chamber cleaning.

The MCA chamber accommodates an assortment of specimens to remove hydrocarbons, hydrophilizing surfaces, storing and cleaning three TEM holders and specimens with ibss signature GV10x Downstream plasma fitted onto a portable S/S cart.

This mobile center offers effective and reliable atomic ashing without sputtering or heat. Operation is controlled front panel with an operator friendly 3 position toggle, VENT-OFF- PUMP while plasma parameters are selected and set with the latest ibss software installed from bright touch screen panel.
When the Qwk-Switch™ is shifted to a SEM/FIB, electron beam degradation is prevented by period plasma cleaning that removes hydrocarbon build-up in SEM chambers. The Mobile Cubic Asher is indispensable, cost-effective asset, less than one year ROI.

Key Features

  • All GV10x DS Asher features plus Qwk-Switch™
  • 3 position toggle switch operation (VENT-OFF-ON)
  • Touchscreen - parameter setup and operation
  • Chamber with three TEM Holder ports
  • Qwk-Switch™ Source mounts and shifts between multiple SEMs in minutes for in-situ ashing
  • On board plasma driving gas cylinder
  • Reductive gas mixtures for polymer/organic samples


Work & Holiday Schedule

Normal Hours

ibssGroup’s normal work hours are based on California time:  

8:00am to 6:00pm
Monday through Friday

Holiday Schedule

Martin Luther King Jr.:  January 15
Memorial Day:  May 27
US Independence: July 4
Labor Day: September 2
US Thanksgiving: November 28 – 29
Winter Break:  December 24 thru January 2