GV10x UHV DS Asher

GV10x UHV DS Asher consists of a patented Plasma Source suitable for hydrogen cleaning, operating parameters power & pressure are continuously adjustable – from 10 to 99 Watts & 2.0 Torr to <5 mTorr. P3 Dimensions: H 6.18” W 3.1” D 8.76”, Weight: 4lbs., shutoff leakage rate 1E-8 Torr l/s, 1.3E-9 Pa-m3/s.

GV10x Controller: 13.56 MHz RF generator, Remote Control Operation via Com Port settings 9600,8,N,1,N w/ Retentive Menus, On/Off, Time, Tuning Voltage, Power requirements 100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz, power consumption 500VA, Impedance 50 Ohms, Bench Top Dimensions: H 6.75" W 8” D 17", Weight: 16 lbs., 2U Dimensions: H 3.5” W 17” D 14.5”, Weight: 17lbs.

From the GUI or front panel Controller, the operator may: set, monitor and change operating power from 10 to 99 Watts during a run. A pressure range from 2 Torr to <5 mTorr is selectable from the Source mounted Variable Constriction. The GV10x wide pressure range allows hydrocarbon removal at TMP speeds without danger to the TMP or interruption of system interlock software.

Key Features

  • Cleaning Cycle in Minutes; 10X Faster than Competitive Units
  • Offers Superior Performance over ‘Classical’ Capacitive Antenna Source
  • O2/Ar O0 Plasma for Non-Oxidizing Surfaces
  • H2/Ar/Ne H0 Plasma for Ni and Rh oxidizing layers
  • Grating Efficiency Increased by factor of 7.6
  • Full Recovery of Blazed High Energy Grating Profile
  • Continuously Adjustable Operating Pressure of <5 mTorr to 2 Torr
  • Extended Power Range: 5-100 Watts RF Power
  • Non-Damaging
  • System PC Protected by Opto-Isolation in both Controllers
  • Very High Cleaning Efficiency and Uniformity
  • Reduces Contamination 10X to 20X more Effectively than Competitive Units
  • Cleaning Cycle in Minutes; 10X Faster than Competitive Units
  • Future Upscaling and H0 Contamination Removal Improvements Underway