Mobile Cubic Downstream Asher (MCA)

Mobile Cubic Downstream Asher (MCA)

The MCA, a portable downstream plasma center for ex-situ specimen cleaning and in-situ e-beam chamber cleaning, employs ibss signature GV10x fitted into one convenient, wheeled S/S enclosure.

The MCA offers effective and reliable atomic radical ashing without sputtering or heat. The Asher is controlled by the latest ibss software installed on a Windows tablet or PC. For ex-situ sample cleaning and storage, the MCA includes a streamlined Cubic Chamber flexible enough to accommodate up to three TEM holders simultaneously. The MCA source is fitted with Qwk-SwitchTM Source mounting to facilitate Source transfer from the MCA to e-beam chambers.

The MCA prevents high resolution image degradation from SEM and TEM chamber contamination build-up in the gas phase and on chamber surfaces. For expeditious and uncomplicated hydrocarbon free samples and e-beam chambers, the Mobile Cubic DS Asher is an indispensable, cost-effective asset with ROI that can be less than six months.

Key Features

  • Built-in touch screen PLC
  • Latest ibss Software Included
  • Streamlined Mobile Cubic Asher Chamber
  • Chamber Accommodates up to Three TEM Holders Simultaneously
  • Qwk-Switch Source Mounting
  • Stainless-Steel Cart for Easy Mobility
  • All the Great Features of the GV10x DS Asher

  • Made in USA¬†¬†Made in USA