GV10x UHV DS Asher

Competitive sources discovered by internet search may be High Vacuum (HV) but not Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) compatible. Vacuum components necessary to convert HV plasma sources UHV compatible require an expensive isolation valve and pre-pump components.

The GV10x UHV DS Asher is designed to reside on a UHV chamber after chamber plasma cleaning in millitorr range without breaking vacuum. This one of a kind in-situ plasma source eliminates the need for a costly isolation valve and pre-pump.

Key Features

  • Cleaning Cycle in Minutes; 10X Faster than Competitive Units
  • Offers Superior Performance over ‘Classical’ Capacitive Antenna Source
  • O2/Ar O0 Plasma for Non-Oxidizing Surfaces
  • H2/Ar/Ne H0 Plasma for Ni and Rh oxidizing layers
  • Grating Efficiency Increased by factor of 7.6
  • Full Recovery of Blazed High Energy Grating Profile
  • Continuously Adjustable Operating Pressure of <5 mTorr to 2 Torr
  • Extended Power Range: 5-100 Watts RF Power
  • Non-Damaging
  • System PC Protected by Opto-Isolation in both Controllers
  • Very High Cleaning Efficiency and Uniformity
  • Reduces Contamination 10X to 20X more Effectively than Competitive Units
  • Cleaning Cycle in Minutes; 10X Faster than Competitive Units
  • Future Upscaling and H0 Contamination Removal Improvements Underway


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