ibss GV10x Demonstrations at Kammrath & Weiss

ibss Group is pleased to announce that its partner, Kammrath & Weiss, will offer GV10x DS Asher Demonstrations in their Dortmund lab.

Located in Dortmund, Germany, Kammrath & Weiss has over thirty years’ experience converting customer application requirements into useful products in the EM world. K&W’s developments are brought to life through high precision micro and nano systems, carefully designed in great detail with tomorrow’s needs in mind.

If interested in a GV10x Demonstration at Kammrath & Weiss, please contact ibss Germany/Austria/Switzerland Representative at FIB:

Frank Wackerbarth

P: +49-561-3103186

M: +49-171-3321183

E: [email protected]

W: http://fib-kassel.de