GV10x Report

Downstream Asher for In-Situ Specimen and Specimen Chamber Cleaning presentation, showing before/after cleaning images and adjacent area scans.

The ibss GV10x cleaner removed nearly all contamination build-up from the
wafer surface after a total clean time of 13 minutes. Additionally:

  • Further cleaning may have completely removed the contamination rectangle
  • It was noted that the line-widths before cleaning were significantly larger from the contamination build-up, but reduced back to the original line width after cleaning
  • The ibss GV10x cleaner cleaned the surface of the wafer (prior to imaging) and did not show signs of contamination build-up
  • The ibss GV10x cleaner was fast, simple to use and did not require any modifications to the vacuum system
  • Further testing can be done to tune the rate of contamination removal and the affects of time, wattage and chamber vacuum conditions on various types of samples and applications