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ibss products are used through out the world in a variety of applications and a wide spectrum of equipment. Please provide your contact information and details on your existing needs and equipment, as this will help us provide you the information and/or quote you are requesting.

ibss Group's GV10x models and related products are used by customers around the world. All models have been tested and certified to carry the CE Mark. Further, the GV10x has been tested and approved for use at its full range of power (10 to 99 watts) in Japan, where the Radio Law would normally limit its upper limit to 49 watts.

GV10x, a new paradigm in situ downstream plasma asher. Competitively priced, the GV10x Downstream Asher reduces carbon & hydrocarbon contamination 10 to 20 times more effectively than traditional methods at vacuum pressure safe for TMP operation. An innovative plasma process for the removal of gas phase hydrocarbon contamination in electron beam instruments.

ibss Group continues with its research and development to bring new options and innovation to market.

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