GV10x UHV DS Asher consists of a patented Plasma Source suitable for hydrogen cleaning, operating parameters power & pressure are continuously adjustable – from 10 to 99 Watts & 2.0 Torr to <5 mTorr. P3 Dimensions: H 6.18” W 3.1” D 8.76”, Weight: 4lbs., shutoff leakage rate 1E-8 Torr l/s, 1.3E-9 Pa-m3/s. GV10x Controller: 13.56 MHz RF generator, Remote Control Operation via Com Port settings 9600,8,N,1,N w/ Retentive Menus, On/Off, Time, Tuning Voltage, Power requirements 100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz, power consumption 500VA, Impedance 50 Ohms, Bench Top Dimensions: H 6.75" W 8” D 17", Weight: 16 lbs., 2U Dimensions: H 3.5” W 17” D 14.5”, Weight: 17lbs. From the GUI or front panel Controller, the operator may: set, monitor and change operating power from 10 to 99 Watts during a run. 从等离子源调整进气量可选择2 Torr <<5 mTorr的压力范围。GV10x宽压力范围允许在TMP速度下清除碳氢污染,而无需中断TMP系统的软件控制。 GV10x宽压力范围允许在TMP速度下清除碳氢污染,而无需中断TMP系统的软件控制。

Key Features

  • Cleaning Cycle in Minutes; 10X Faster than Competitive Units
  • Offers Superior Performance over ‘Classical’ Capacitive Antenna Source
  • O2/Ar O0 Plasma for Non-Oxidizing Surfaces
  • H2/Ar/Ne H0 Plasma for Ni and Rh oxidizing layers
  • Grating Efficiency Increased by factor of 7.6
  • Full Recovery of Blazed High Energy Grating Profile
  • Continuously Adjustable Operating Pressure of <5 mTorr to 2 Torr
  • Extended Power Range: 5-100 Watts RF Power
  • Non-Damaging
  • System PC Protected by Opto-Isolation in both Controllers
  • Very High Cleaning Efficiency and Uniformity
  • Reduces Contamination 10X to 20X more Effectively than Competitive Units
  • Cleaning Cycle in Minutes; 10X Faster than Competitive Units
  • Future Upscaling and H0 Contamination Removal Improvements Underway