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“We bought a GV10x in MCA configuration about a year ago.  I use the stand-alone chamber to clean samples and TEM holders.  I also have two flanges (spoolers), one for each SEM (w/isolation valves), to clean my two SEM chambers once a month.  I successfully used it at the xxx Bldg. last week on their old JEOL SEM.  It made a huge difference.”


SEM, FIB and TEM hydrocarbon contamination cleaning solutions

GV10x DS Asher

Carbon contamination mitigation is 10X> traditional cleaners even in their latest reincarnations – competitors keep trying


Low cost customer assembled bench top EM samples & TEM holders cleaning and a 3 location TEM holder - storage

Mobile DS Asher


Portable downstream plasma center for ex-situ specimen cleaning and in-situ e-beam chamber cleaning


Plasma clean & hydrophilisize surfaces, Mount & View TEM specimens, leak check liquid cells…under a 40x microscope

The GV10x Downstream Asher’s ability to remove carbon contamination from Electron Microscopy samples and chambers is well recognized by electron microscopists worldwide. Contamination control improvements beyond traditional methods: 1st generation plasma cleaners, LN2 trapping, N2 purging offer EM researches freedom to remove carbon artifacts in minutes and mitigate chamber contamination buildup.

"Cleaning rates were so high that depositions were removed faster than expected...it becomes obvious that the carbon cleaning in the case of the GV10x...is much more efficient."

--Cells Alba Synchrotron Light Facility

An extended study on an advanced method for the cleaning of carbon contaminations from large optical surfaces using a remote inductively coupled low-pressure RF plasma source (GV10x DownStream Asher) is reported. Technical and scientific features of this scaled up cleaning process are analysed, such as the cleaning efficiency for different carbon allotropes (amorphous and diamond-like….  more…

Characterization, optimization and surface physics aspects of in situ plasma mirror cleaning Although the graphitic carbon contamination of synchrotron beamline optics has been an obvious problem for several decades, the basic mechanisms underlying the contamination process as well as the cleaning/remediation strategies are not understood and the corresponding cleaning procedures are still….  more…

Downstream Plasma Technology for Cleaning TEM Samples on Carbon Films Plasma cleaning has become an essential step in modern analytical electron microscopy, which requires contamination-free samples for imaging and elemental analysis. However, the dilemma for carbon film TEM grid users is how to plasma-clean the hydrocarbon contamination while preserving the carbon support film. In order….  more…

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The GV10x Downstream Asher’s ability to remove carbon contamination is a quantum leap beyond the traditional methods of mitigating contamination using cold trapping, nitrogen purging, and other plasma cleaners. The GV10x, with its extended power and pressure range (5 to 100 Watts and 2 to <0.005 Torr), represents a paradigm shift in the carbon HC control in SEMs and other analytical instruments including Mas Spec, XPS etc.

As nanoscience progresses, electron probe analysis becomes more challenging: electron beam energies decrease, precursor gas use increases and maintaining high resolution becomes more dependent on maintaining low carbon and HC contamination levels. Downstream plasma process accomplishes eliminating hydrocarbon contamination accumulation and specimen cleaning simultaneously quickly, and easily. Unlike kinetic cleaning in usual ‘plasma cleaners’, the downstream plasma process is a gentle chemical (virtually zero K.E.) process. This process has revolutionized the means to eliminate carbon and hydrocarbons in vacuum chambers.

The Gentle Asher has been specifically designed to expand the GV10x investment for sample cleaning prior to inserting into the EM chamber. The Gentle Asher Chamber, which is integrated with a GV10x connected GA/GV, is ideal for preventing black scan square deposits.

By simply shifting the GVx Source onto the Gentle Asher Chamber, this technique easily and effectively removes impurities from samples and TEM holders without causing any considerable damage and at the same time controls hydrocarbon levels in SEM, TEM, CDSEM and FIB. When samples and holders are pre-cleaned, it prevents contamination of the chamber gas phase and reduces the time involved in microscope cleanings.


The MCA, a portable downstream plasma center for ex-situ specimen cleaning and in-situ e-beam chamber cleaning, employs ibss signature GV10x fitted into one convenient, wheeled S/S enclosure.

The MCA offers effective and reliable atomic radical ashing without sputtering or heat. The Asher is controlled by the latest ibss software installed on a Windows tablet or PC. For ex-situ sample cleaning and storage, the MCA includes a streamlined Cubic Chamber flexible enough to accommodate up to three TEM holders simultaneously. The MCA source is fitted with Qwk-SwitchTM Source mounting to facilitate Source transfer from the MCA to e-beam chambers. 

To meet the demands of viewing TEM holders using gas and liquid samples, we like to introduce the Chiaro to perform functions of leak check, E-Chips, hydrophilize sample surfaces and plasma clean.

  • Easy TEM specimen loading through swing away chamber port
  • Swing away stereo mic with keyed re-registration
  • 5X mag w/6” working distance, LED illumination to view loading
  • Pressure monitor possible gas/liquid cell leaks at <2e-5 Torr
  • and much more..